A Selection of Works by Jac Kephart from The Art Center's Permanent Collection

Mid-February – March 31

Jac Kephart’s body of work is more than a series of paintings; his paintings are memories of deep friendships and mentorships. They are living examples of the relationships he cultivated in western Colorado. Everyone in this community has been affected by the person Jac Kephart was. We will continue to learn from his example by the life he lived, through the work he left behind. His strong use of color brightens our day. The texture of the paint reminds us to observe the small details in the world around us. His enthusiasm for art transcended style and medium. His masterful touch generated exquisite landscapes, the calm before the storm, sailboats docked, and found-art assemblages. For Jac, when it came to art, no stone would be left unturned, everything was possible to explore. It is an honor and privilege to continue learning from the works he left behind.

Photo by Catherine Mayer, Jac's great niece