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Clay artists are craftsmen, chemists, and sculptors making objects in the service of others utilizing stoneware, porcelain, and glass. The fluid, translucent, shiny surfaces are hard and smooth to the touch and ring to the ear when flicked with a finger. The works can be small enough to hold in your palm or large enough to tower above you with their majesty. Thrown, molded, sculpted, functional, or decorative, the works are created by the artist’s touch and retain the memory of what is pressed upon them. The material is based in history, but it reaches into the future.

Step into Gould Gallery to view the magic created by the artists of the Grand Junction Clay Arts Guild for their annual exhibition, Emergence. The artists exhibit a full range of expression of clay from whimsical sculptures to elegant pitchers, mugs, bowls, platters, and more. Ceramic art makes a wonderful gift for the holidays or as a decoration for your Thanksgiving table. All works are handmade by local artists.

The Clay Arts Guild encourages new members to come join and participate. They hold monthly meetings, workshops, exhibitions, and clay-related discussions. They are a group of talented and knowledgeable artists with a focus in clay from across the Western Slope. If you are a clay artist and want to be a member of GJCAG contact the President Ron Cloyd at [email protected].