The Western Colorado Community Foundation is looking to commission a signature piece of art that captures the mission and purpose of their organization and their new Center for Philanthropy for Western Colorado. Proposed themes include generosity, giving back, gratitude, helping hands.

About the Organization: we are a “home grown” charitable foundation with many donors and many funding interests. We promote local philanthropy in seven counties in western Colorado. One of our slogans is “leave your mark... charitable funds for community good.” Another of our slogans is “connecting people who care with causes that matter.” A third slogan (for our community foundation field) is “For good. Forever.” Western Colorado Community Foundation manages $150 M in charitable endowment funds and distributes approximately $5.5 M in grants and scholarships each year (2022). We also develop new programs and initiatives like the Lunch Lizard summer food truck program.

Location: Main Lobby of Western Colorado Community Foundation’s Center for Philanthropy, 128 North 5th Street, Grand Junction, CO.

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Main lobby with teal wall

Artwork details:

  • Suggested Materials: Copper and copper colored metals, silver and other silver colored metals, bronze and bronze colored metals.
  • Can be low relief sculpture
  • Artwork will be mounted on highly visible wall in Main Lobby of public building. It will also be seen by pedestrians through sheet glass windows at sidewalk level.
  • The building itself is a renovated 120 year old brick building; the Main Lobby is modern.
  • Wall color is teal.
  • Minimum size is 4.5 feet wide by 5.5 feet high. Maximum size is 5.5 feet wide by 6.5 feet high.

Artists are encouraged to come see the space at 128 North 5th Street in Grand Junction.
Feel free to drop by lobby during business hours or contact to see wall.

Please tell us what it costs for you to make your artwork. We will be looking for a donor(s) who are in a position to purchase the piece for us. We are a nonprofit organization.

Application Process:

  • Please include a detailed description of your artwork and images
  • Preference for a western Colorado based artist.
  • Questions can be addressed directly to the client at
  • Apply by clicking the button below

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at 5pm

Thank you for your interest and your creative suggestions!

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