An Exhibition by the Rocky Mountain Collage Society
Sponsored by Elizabeth Owens and Helen Love

The art forms of collage and assemblage consist of a wide variety of materials to create a unified image and work of art. The methods and techniques that our members use to produce their work include gluing, painting, making paper, using found objects, digital images, and a host of other methods. There is almost nothing that comes across the path of a collagist or assemblage artist that they do not stop and think, “Can I use this in my art?”

Each artist has produced up to three works that are coordinated through a common theme which could be color, material, texture, or composition. The styles presented range from abstract to realism.

We hope this show sparks your imagination to look at things differently, such as magazines, found objects, junk mail, papers, postcards, photographs, old tools, and thrift shop and garage sale finds. And that the creativity and reimagined use of things in the works by our RMCS artists will encourage you to create your own collage or assemblage works of art.

The Rocky Mountain Collage Society began in 2007 and represents a group of artists from around Colorado. We provide education about collage and encourage the understanding of collage as a fine art form. Our quarterly meetings include demos on collage techniques and sharing about what is happening in the collage community. Along with our annual show, we have workshops and free “collage days” for our membership. Yearly membership dues are $30.00. To become a member, please email Sylvia Wilhelm at