Art & Antlers Grand Mesa Moose & Art Festival


The Mesa Community Center
48973 KE Rd, Mesa, CO 81643

Saturday, July 27, 2024, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


The Mesa Community Center
48973 KE Rd, Mesa, CO 81643

The Art Center invites you to apply to take part in its inaugural Arts & Antlers: Grand Mesa Moose & Art Festival, an event that will highlight the cultural and environmental riches of the Plateau Valley and Grand Mesa Area.

The fair is open to all artists selling their handmade items. Applicants will be accepted through a juried process. Absolutely no manufactured, mass produced, or commercial items are allowed. We reserve the right to remove any item determined not to have been handmade by the exhibitor, or any work that differs greatly from the submitted images. All media will be considered.

June 30 Application deadline
July 15  Notification emailed or mailed
July 27  Set Up/Check In- 8:00am
              Set Up complete- by 9:30am
July 27  Sale Hours, 10:00am - 4:00pm


  • Vendors are asked to provide their own tables and chairs and any other displays. Vendor booths will be staged indoors (no tents are required). The venue DOES NOT allow and nails, screws or any other wall attachements to be adhered directely to the walls. All displays must be table setting or free standing. An 8’x 6’ space will be furnished per booth rental space.
  • All display and sales materials are the responsibility of the vendor. Vendors will be allowed to bring display materials as long as they do not impose upon neighboring booths.
  • Booth set-up is from 8:00am to 9:30am on Saturday, July 27
  • Vendors are to be open for business by 10am.
  • Booths may not be dismantled before 4:00pm, Saturday, July 27.
  • Please note: The Mesa Community Center provides general lighting only! It is impossible to accommodate all vendors' lighting needs. It is highly recommended that vendors bring lighting to illuminate their booths and products. Power will be provided to each booth (if requested).


  • Please submit the following items:
    • A completed application (see links below)
      • Applications may be submitted online, filled out digitally and emailed, filled out on paper and mailed in, or dropped off at The Art Center.
    • Up to four digital images of your work:
      • Links from WeTransfer, Dropbox, and Google Drive accepted
      • All images must be high resolution in .jpg format
      • All images must not exceed 2 MB in size
      • All images must be labeled as follows:
        Last Name_First Name_Title or Type of Work.
        For Example: Doe_Jane_Sunset on Mt. Everest.
        Note: If your title has more than one word, simply leave a space in between each word as you would in writing.
      • Booth Fee: $50.00 Inaugural Event Offer (PER BOOTH).
        Booth Fees are due upon acceptance to the Fair. Check should be made out to The Art Center. This check will not be processed until the vendor is accepted. This fee is non-refundable after acceptance. Checks from unaccepted entries will be returned.
      • (If for some reason we need to cancel the event, booth fees will be refunded.)


  • Insurance and taxes are the responsibility of the vendor. Each seller must collect a total of 5.27% Sales Tax in unincorporated Mesa County. The State retains 2.9 cents per one dollar and distributes the 2.37 cents per one dollar to the County. Of that 2.37 cents per one dollar, 1 cent goes to the General Fund, .45 cents goes to the Capital Fund, .55 cents is distributed to the Cities and other municipalities in the County, .31 cents goes to county law enforcement functions, and .06 is distributed to public safety districts throughout the County. Vendors must receive the tax from buyers and remit the tax to the Colorado Department of Revenue. Each vendor must have his or her own sales tax license.


  • Vendors may load and unload in the front parking lot. Additional details on day of parking will be made available closer to the event.

Check in and check out procedures, as well as Craft Fair guidelines, will be included with the acceptance letter. Any questions, comments or concerns may be directed to:
Julie Carlson, (970) 243-7337, ext. 8 or